"People want pretty much the same things: They wanted to be happy. Most young people seemed to think that those things lay somewhere in the future, while most older people believed they lay in the past."

Nicholas Sparks

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"I don’t want to be just another star in your
sky. I want to be a fucking asteroid barreling
down towards the center of your heart and
leave a crater big enough to have you notice
that if you love me, I’m going to have an
impact on you. I’m a knife that’s going
to delve deep into your skin and leave behind
a scar you’ll always look down at and say,
‘yeah, this one’s from a fighter’."

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"I hate the fact you always feel like you have to be going somewhere, like the end destination is to be finished, or to be happy. But the truth is a lot of us are completely lost, and we don’t know, and that is also a state of mind, to not know who you are and where you’re going."

Lykke Li 

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I want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but I’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza. 

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"Why did I tell you that."

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"we almost dated" is such a weird relationship to have with someone

Plus the sequel “we never got closure”

And then the side adaptation “as a result I have a weird crush that never died”

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"Just fucking tell her. Right now. This is your sign."

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"Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing."

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me: i better screenshot this just in case i need to use it for black mail

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